Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eddie who??

Anyone remember this dude?
Yep, that's right, it's Eddie Money. Troy hosted a small festival last night, mostly for children, and Eddie Money was the featured performer. I had the chance to hear about one and a half songs before I had to head back to the shop, but what I heard was great! He still sounds exactly the same. And hey, he pulled in quite the crowd. Downtown Troy was jammed, which was both a good and bad thing depending on who you were. We made some money, though. Thanks, Eddie!

My mom and dad were thrilled. They used to see Eddie Money live quite a bit back when they were dating, and not surprisingly an Eddie Money show was my very first concert as a kid.

Ahhhh, memories.


Murray said...


In 4th grade, we had a talent show and this girl in my class "sang" Shakin', while we danced behind her. I knew it was odd even then. Dawn DiMeglio, that was her name, and at 10 she looked like she was about 18.

Thanks for reminding me of that terrifyingly uncomfortable experience.

Kate said...

Ha! Great story, Murray. And sorry to remind you of that horrible event.

Jes said...

I used to love Eddie Money when I was little. I think I had a "best of" tape or something. MAN does he ever look like crap now.

Elisabeth said...

LOL that's neat! Nostalgia is so fun. :)
I actually did recognize him from the picture, although he looks much, much older than the last time I saw him rockin' it on VH1. ^^;