Thursday, August 7, 2008

More spankins?

(Keith is second in from the left. And yes, that is, in fact, Pocahontas looking all sultry standing with my friends)

[I actually wrote this post yesterday and in the madness that made yesterday the whacked out day that it was, I forgot to post it. So sorry!!!]

Just wanted to wish another great friend a very happy birthday! Our friend Keith turned a year older today and I so wish I had the opportunity to give him birthday wishes in person. So Keith, I hope the air conditioning is working well for you in Florida! We love and miss you very much. Happy Birthday, Killer!


kim* said...

looks like a fun time

Jaimee said...

Oh, I'm so missing Disney! Wish I were there right now. My son was so smitten with Pocahontas (and all the princesses actually - it was so cute!)

Kate said...

Oh man, me too. I really, really, miss my aunt, uncle and cousin, too. We had such an amazing vacation last fall and I so wish we could go back. Besides, I'm dying to ride that Everest coaster again.