Monday, August 4, 2008

Heather Ross, you're killing me

I swear you can hear my bank account groan every time the name Heather Ross comes out of my mouth. Poor thing.

I would seriously kill for this fabric. Why must she do this to us?

You can find this little piece of magic here.

And for those of you into tattoos, I give you:

Amazing work and just what I'm looking for. Take a peek at the images there, namely the flora and fauna sections (links in the bottom left corner). I suddenly wish I lived in California.


Murray said...

Beautiful fabric, I'm desperately trying to decide what to buy before it's all gone (I waited months for her little fishbowl fabric to come back in stock).

What's going on with your tattoo?? Ever get it?

Kate said...

Not yet. I have a $100 gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and I'm definitely due for more work. Just trying to decide on what to get.

Good Girls Studio said...

I can give you at tat! They're temporary & shaped like dinos but hey, Tyler won't mind sharing :)

& that fabric would make a killer beach bag!

Kate said...

Your son has great taste, Jo. Dino tats at such a young age. A boy after my own heart.

I'm thinking about making a skirt out of that fabric. What'cha think?