Saturday, August 16, 2008

Murray Rocks!

I've taken this idea from Murray because her latest blog entry totally cheered me up. I feel inspired, so I've decided to follow her lead and list the things that make me happy lately.

1. The sudden onset of Autumn.
It's coming, folks and it's coming quickly! I'm noticing subtle changes in the leaves and in the air and I love this time of year with a passion that burns so bright you can almost see it. And even though it means me turning another year older, I still love it.

2. This (not so)little glom of a girl.
Olive is one of the best things to come into my life and sometimes I think I love her more than I should.

3. The latest birthdays of both of my grandparents.
Their lives together are such an inspiration to me and I love them both dearly. They've been through amazing times together, and even when things are bad they make the best of it. I am incredibly lucky to have them in my life this long and I hope to spend many, many more years with them.

4. This new work that made its way into the shop.
I first met Matt a few months ago and after seeing his work on his blog, I invited him to bring it in and hang it for everyone to enjoy. It's truly amazing and I can't wait to have the opportunity to tell him "I told you so" when (not IF) it sells like mad.

5. Lola.
I'm not a huge fan of children as you all know, but never before have I been so in love with a baby. This little girl is so incredibly smart, charismatic and easy to please and I can't possibly spend enough time with her. I feel so lucky to have her in my life and am still grateful that I was able to be there when she was born. That said, she's going to be trouble when she's a little older, so Carly, watch out!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this list as much as I've enjoyed Murray's. I won't tag anyone, but if you feel so inspired, please make a list of your own and feel free to share it!


Mare said...

One of the best things in my life that make me happy is YOU! love, mom

Murray said...

I LOVE your list! Glad I brightened your day, and SO glad the leaves are already changing, I'm done with summer too.

By the way, how stinking sweet is your Mom!?!? Just thinking about her makes me happy, she is a pretty cool lady.

Kate said...

Awww, you guys make me blush...

Jaimee said...

Yeah, the "Happys" made it your way!

I'm so looking forward to Fall too - My Favorite!!!

pve design said...

Oh, these are happy things -
I would add fresh coffee to that too-
and I do love the onset of Autumn.

littlebyRD said...

Fall! I have been feeling it lately even though we just ended a heat wave. Great list.

Good Girls Studio said...

I see red in those trees! Sooo jealous! The leaves are on the ground here but that's because of lack of rain :(