Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Doodle...Draw and a Dollar

I came into the shop this morning and found two little pieces of paper that someone had slipped under my door. Normally I find pieces of advertising and general junk mail shoved through the small space, but today I was oddly compelled by these colorful cards and thrilled that someone took the time to share them with us here. I have no idea who dropped them off, and if the person responsible for putting them there is reading this, please contact me because I'd love to help out with such a wonderful opportunity.

Doodle...Draw and a Dollar is an event sponsored by the Let Hope Live campaign, a foundation working to eliminate brain cancer in children. The foundation works to provide "hope, encouragement and financial support so that children undergoing treatment can maintain as much normality in their lives as possible". How's that for amazing? Anyway, this particular event sounds like a lot of fun, and I hope some of you, if not all of you, will want to participate.

From their site:

Doodle....Draw and a Dollar!

Just create an animal that is shaped into one letter in our slogan, “LET HOPE LIVE!” Send with $1 dollar entry fee. Chose from 11 letters & an explanation point!

Winner’s creature will be transformed into a puppet. Winning puppet & tees will be distributed to Albany Med Children’s Hospital & Ronald McDonald House. Twelve runners up will have their 'creature' (Letter) on the 2010 Official limited edition tee.

Make up an animal! Let Dr Seuss, your pet, or friend inspire you! Include a story or name your creature in honor of someone. (Not necessary to win) Most of all, have fun as you let hope live!

LET HOPE LIVE & THE ARTS CENTER of the Capital Region will have RENOWNED, ROLLING STONE, GOLF MAGAZINE political artist VICTOR JUHASZ & STEVEN ALCORN offering tips to all with a creature doodle and dollar Friday March 26 5-9 TROY NIGHT OUT (265 River Street Troy, NY) Finalist's ceremony and press conference TROY NIGHT OUT 5 pm. April 30, 2010. Limited edition puppet and tees will be sold beginning Holiday season 2010
Sending drawing provides your acknowledgement drawing may be used to promote the foundation in any way. The Andrew Christian Bryce Foundation is not responsible for lost and misdirected mail. No further notice or compensation due.

Thank you for helping us let hope live in the lives of seriously ill children.

Size no larger than 8 1/2 x 11

Mail yours to:"Let Hope Live!" 9 Duncan Lane Troy, NY 12180Entries without $1 entry do not qualify.

All entries entered in drawing for 1 of 5 puppets and other special items.



If you decide to participate, please share your doodles! I'd love to see what you come up with!


Good Girls Studio said...

I so love to hear organizations coming up with new & fun ways to help raise $! I may have to make The Boy draw something for this! Share yours please :)

*I wish I lived closer so I could randomly slip cards & notes under your door :) They would say things like : what's shake'n bake'n & you are a magician with your sewing machine :)

Kate said...

heh, this comment made my day, Jo. Thanks!