Wednesday, March 31, 2010

so lovely I could cry

:: Note: Here's the part where all of you non-gardening types sigh deeply and shake your heads at me because I'm going to ramble on about Columbine. Again. ::

I'm drooling on my keyboard again, folks.

To say that I want these for my shade gardens in the front of my house is a drastic understatement. I need them. I crave them. I live for them.

Dramatic? You betcha.

(blue butterflies)

From White Flower Farm, a drool-worthy place indeed. Someday I will make a pilgrimage there. Someday. There are more varieties here. The ones not listed in this post thrive and spread year after year in my garden. Need seeds? E-mail me. These are fool proof, kids. All of you black-thumbed people need not worry. Simple, easy to grow, little to no maintenance. Score!

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Good Girls Studio said...

Soo pretty! I need photos of them to hang on my patio because I would for sure kill them if I had the real deal ;)