Tuesday, March 9, 2010

it's about time!

So, after putting it off for what seems like forever, I've opened an Etsy shop.

I'll be listing more over the course of the day today, but it's slow going. I'm sick as a dog today (hailing the porcelain gods) and moving at a snail's pace. Once my sewing machine is repaired (yes, again!), I'll add some handbags and some of my little pinafores, but for now it's just jewelry.

I'm totally open for comments and suggestions here. I'd love to hear your input. I should also mention that the postal service is moving extra slow lately and though I'm sending all packages as priority mail, it's still taking ages to arrive. I apologize in advance. If you're interested in something and need it shipped quickly, please let me know and I'll do my best!



Elisabeth said...

Wow, what a beautiful necklace!
Your jewelry is always so lovely and unique. :)
I hope that selling on etsy brings you lots of success! Even though I am still working on getting my act together & reformulating my approach with my etsy stuff, I already went and added your shop as a favourite. :D

Lemongrass Love said...

Good luck Kate! Your stuff is adorb!

Good Girls Studio said...

It's about time woman! Loove it! floral goodness is divine!

Jennifer said...

Your etsy shop looks great so far. Your work is beautiful, I'm adding to my favorites because I am sure I will be back. My only suggestion would be to perhaps include a side picture of each piece on a person to give a better idea of the scale of each piece. I love the Shade garden piece but am having a hard time picturing how it lays.