Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm a total tool and never take pictures of the things I make.  I need to work on this, I know, and I'm trying.  But for now, I rely on friends to help me out.  Aaaaaand that's why I owe Kate my life for sharing these shots.  I made this quilt for Amelia before she was born, and it makes me so happy to know that they're using it.  Hooray for functional gifts!


emily said...

guess what? i am confused again. are there more than one kates on this blog? should i know that? or does kate talk about herself in third person?

Ben said...

She's referring to the Kate from Dave and Kate (our longtime friends).


Kate said...

Sorry, Emily! Yes, Kate is a friend of ours who just had a baby. The quilt was a gift to them before she was born.

And P.S. if I ever start talking about myself in third person, you have my permission to hunt me down and kill me.

Good Girls Studio said...

I saw the post title & my first thought was "she made a baby!" I was all set to type congrats ;)

Super cute quilt! Made with love & function...way to sew my friend!


emily said...

ok, that makes much more sense.

kate said...

Oooooh . . .(sinister palm rubbing) you owe me your life now!
Cuz yes, your life is absolutely a fair trade for me snapping a picture of miss peanutbean on the exquisite quilt YOU crafted. A quilt AND your life! Anyone else think I got the sweet end of this deal?