Friday, March 19, 2010

hack job

I think I'm going to hack my hair off again.

I always do this.

I cut it all off and then promise myself that I'm going to grow it out. I get bored with it quickly and chop it all off again.  Spring does a lot of weird things to me and this is one of those things.

Months ago I was flipping through a magazine at the salon while Ben got his monthly shearing. I found an ad for some hipster girly beauty products by Marcia Kilgore. I couldn't care less about the products, but her hair really appealed to me. I tore the page out and stuck it on the fridge at home, just to give myself some time to think about it. Months have gone by and I still love it. I think I'm gonna go for it. I'm not one of those girls who freaks out over a drastic hair change because, as we all know, it grows back. And my hair, well, it grows like a weed. My only concern here is that my face is too round for this style. I've gone this short in the past. Even shorter, actually. I'm not afraid.
Comments? Suggestions?

Oh, and P.S., after another trip to the hardware store, and after testing out two more paint samples, I think I may have found the right shade for the room. I had the poor dude at Home Depot match a Ralph Lauren color called Cathedral Grey (go here and you'll find it in the seventh row down, second one in from the left) to a Behr base and I think it's a winner. I was entirely too overwhelmed by the orange colors (I love orange, but I don't want it to compete with the orange hallway at the other end of the house), and the one I tested out on the walls tonight just wasn't for me. So, I'm going to give the grey a day to grow on me, and if I still like it tomorrow, I'll have my plate full for this weekend! I painted the grey over part of the Wheat Bread swatch from last night and the colors look nice together. So, perhaps Cathedral Grey on the walls and Wheat Bread on the fireplace. Updates to come!


Lemongrass Love said...

I grew up with short hair. short short hair. My mom told me I didn't look good any other way, period. I believed her until I hit 30, yeah, 30. That being said, I still struggle with wanting to chop it off on a weekly basis! Love the photo haircut so I suggest going for it!

ps: My favorite paint color is called revere pewter, it's the perfect shade of gray but it's from benjamin moore. Can't wait to see your finished room!

emily said...

i think everyone says "i'm going to let it grow" and then one night when you are half done with a bottle of vodka dancing around to otis redding in your underpants, you walk past the mirror and go "i'm going to cut my hair off". and then you do and you wake up in the morning and you dont know how it all happened.
does that happen to everyone else, or just me?
anyway, i like the first picture. super cute.

Kate said...

hahaaaaaaaaa! Can't say that's happened to me, Em, but that's a pretty great story. I couldn't wait to cut it off, so I made an appointment yesterday and got it done. Love it!