Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happiness is:

1) My wonderful husband, of course. Four years ago today, a man on a blind date walked up the front steps of my little apartment, convinced me with honest eyes that he was, in fact, a keeper, and stole my heart away. We haven't spent a day apart since. Cheesy? Yes. I'm afraid to admit, dear reader (if anyone is indeed actually reading this), that I've gotten soft in my old age. Call it love. Call it defeat. Call it whatever you want. This is how I feel. I've met my match, and he feels as though he's met his. In 26 days we'll celebrate our third wedding anniversary, and I hope we have many, many more.

2) Tomato sandwiches with garlic-basil-garlic mayo on a summer day. Yes, I did intentionally repeat garlic twice in that sentence because when Nabua announces that we're having "Tomato Sandwich Day", I know that it's time to prepare my stomach, colon, intestines and heart for massive doses of the stuff. She's the garlic Nazi, I swear. I've had friends over for dinner many times in my day and they tell me that I could kill someone with the amount of garlic I cook with, but let me tell you, you haven't had amazing food until you've eaten what Nab has to offer. Incredible. I just had a sandwich about a half hour ago and I swear you can smell it seeping from my pores.

3) The smell of the air at this time of year when autumn is creeping up on us. Granted, we're about to have a short series of 80+ degree days starting tomorrow, but after the past five or six days I know for sure that fall is coming...quickly! The air is chilly and dry, and that smell...I can't even explain it. It's a dead giveaway that nature is putting on it's jammies for the year and getting ready for a long winter's nap.

4) Telling my boss that I'm going to be leaving the company next month. That's right, folks. I broke the news to my boss this morning that I'll be taking the buyout package next month. Despite the union's request for me to keep my trap shut and not tell management that I plan on going bye-bye, I felt guilty and broke down. You see, after working here for nine years I am no longer a fan of our union. I know that not all unions are bad, and I know that in most places they're actually a necessity, but here, not so much. I hate coming to work and being force fed the idea that management is the bad guy and we're supposed to "stick it to 'em" as often as possible. These people are here for a paycheck just like I am, and they also have bosses who tell them what to do, just like me. I have no enemies here. Especially not ones who determine if I'm getting paid or not. Anyway, she took the news VERY well, and actually admitted that she knew I was leaving because apparently people here can't keep news to themselves, no matter how tiny said news might be. Not telling management is something I've been bothered by for quite some time now, and now that it's out in the open I feel wonderful!!! Plus, knowing that my boss is on my side helps because if by chance I'm denied the buyout, she might be able to pull some strings for me and set me free. Wouldn't that be nice??? I'm on cloud nine right now, let me tell ya.

5) The contractions my baby sister is having right now. I know. Not good for her, but good for us! This means that my little niece will be coming soon, and I was just informed that I get to join her in the delivery room and watch while Lola is born. I'm honored by this privilege and I truly feel blessed. I've always been fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth to begin with, but for Carly to willingly share such a private event with me is truly humbling. I told you I've gotten soft.

6) Finishing the most adorable diaper bag ever just in time! (see #5) I put the finishing touches on Carly's diaper bag last night and it came out so cute I want to keep it for myself. I'll try to take pictures of it and post them here, but if not, you'll just have to take my word for it. It rocks. That said, NO, I will not make another one. I don't care if you've been declared barren by your doctor and God/Buddha/Jehovah/Xenu himself came down from the heavens to personally touch you with the miracle of life within your very own body. I don't care if it's your last dying wish. I will never make another one of these things again. I'm sorry.

7) Listening to Eric Bachmann sing, uh, just about anything. The man could sing the "Bottles of Beer on the Wall" song counting down from 356,323,243,524,035,676,541,354,654 and it would never get old. Seeing him sing in person is even better, but I'll take a CD any day. Amazing. He's been my favorite for at least 10 years now and that's longer than any other vocalist has held my attention. I just listened to "To The Races" for the eighteen millionth time and it warms my heart. Amazing.


8) The Howard Stern Show. I know some people think I'm nuts for dedicating so much time to this show, but I'm addicted. It makes me happy, what can I say? I've been a listener for 13 years now and I can't get enough. I'm hooked on this show like some people are hooked on crack. Or Days of Our Lives. Whatever, you get the point. I could talk about this show for hours. Anyone want to chat? And oh, Artie Lange. Boy, he's up there with Alton Brown in terms of the secret boy crushes in my life. Me+Artie=Snugglebunnies 4 eva.

Anyway, I'm sure there are many, many more things I could add to this list but for right now this is what's at the top. What can I say? I'm a simple gal.

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