Monday, August 27, 2007


Gross name for a title, eh? It's the only way I can think to describe the only effect that Castor oil has on my sister's body at this stage in the game. She's not due until the 18th of September but she's more than ready to have the kid out. Ask anyone and they'll tell you that Castor oil will do the trick. In her case, it's helping but not getting her where she'd like to be. She'd been having contractions pretty regularly up until yesterday when she swallowed that crap, and while it helped her along with some hardcore contractions all day yesterday and into the wee hours of the morning, the contractions have almost stopped completely today leaving behind a very frustrated, and very exhausted Carly. Poor thing. I've suggested she try everything from bumpy car rides (does that really work? Sounds like a job for Mythbusters to me) to trampolines, to lots of sex, but I think she's just too tuckered out for any of those options. I'm sticking rather close to the phone because you never know what's going to happen and I'm not missing a second of this!

Earlier on in the weekend, I had her over for a visit at the house where we stenciled some onesies for little Lola. They came out super cute! We made about six, I think, and these are my two favorites:

Carly made the snail one and the Gandhi one is all me. So cute. I'm loving the metallic paint! I'm hoping that this little project was enjoyable enough for her to keep making them because they would sell like hotcakes in my shop. I'm sure she could use the money, and besides, it gives you such an amazing feeling to sell something you've made. Knowing that someone out there is willing to pay money for your creation is a wonderful feeling.

So, I'm back at work today and I'm dying to get home and play with the Wii for another several hours. That thing is the shit, let me tell you. I'm not a video game person...never have been. Video games were somewhat discouraged in our house while I was growing up, and I think you need to start young because you get better as you grow up. Who knows. All I can say is I have NO talent when it comes to playing them, but with Wii I feel like I've finally met my match. I kicked ass at the bowling and golf games, and didn't get a chance to play the others because we made an incredible dinner and Ben hogged the console by playing Zelda until I turned in for the night.

Speaking of dinner...we had Mike over for the latter part of the day, and Sam (Ben's brother) is now living with us for a short while, so we decided to have a collaborative dinner-making session. How fun! I love to cook, but I love cooking with others even more. I made everyone promise last night that we'll do this more often and they all agreed. Mike and Ben concocted what looked like the best meatloaf ever. It smelled amazing and for a split second I wished I wasn't a vegetarian. I managed to bust out a huge pot of Parmesan garlic mashed potatoes (with the skins in it, thank you very much) and a gigantic pan of roasted asparagus. It seemed like an outrageous amount of food, but with three starving men around, you need it. The house smelled so wonderful and I was thankful for a cool, pre-autumn night so we could turn the oven on for our feast.

After cleaning up and saying goodnight to Mike, I locked myself in the bedroom and turned on the season finale of Big Love. I wish I could find someone who watches this show so we can talk about it. Big Love, for me is one of those shows where I either love it or hate it. I had the hardest time hanging on through the first season, and the beginning of the second season had me convinced that I wasn't going to waste any more time on it. But after a while I just can't stop watching it at all, and of course the cliffhanger that was last night's episode will have me tuning in for season three, whenever that happens. I hate how long you have to wait in-between seasons for most shows. I mean, what the hell could Tom Hanks be doing for all those months??? And hasn't it been well over a year since the last season of Project Runway aired??? Damn!

I'm done with my rant, I think, but I'll close this post with a shot of one of the most adorable little men I've ever seen. I can't get enough of him! He's living proof that miracles can, and do, happen.

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Elisabeth said...

Those onesies are super cute! I love stencilling things. ^_^
This is kind of unrelated, but I saw this hilarious onesie in hot topic a while ago. It had a darth vader head on it and said "who's your daddy" underneath. I'm not the world's biggest star wars fan by far, but I did double over in laughter when I saw it. ^^ I wanted to buy it sooo badly, but I don't know anyone with a baby who would appreciate that kind of dorky humor. Oh, and a while ago I saw these super cute onesies that someone had made...they took a plain white onesie and made a small, fake man's tie out of appropriate fabric and sewed it onto the neck area. Sooo flippin cute!! You should make some of those for your shop, I bet people would love them.
Oh, and I was going to idea about the castor oil, but when I was in my last days of pregnancy I was desperate for that baby to come, so I tried jumping up and down, and bouncing on my bed, lol! I don't know if it worked, but I had the baby about a week later anyway. And as soon as the pain kicked in, I told my mom "the baby can stay in there now forever, I don't mind". lol ^^
And I just answered your email and was supposed to go to the store, and am still sitting here messing around. ^^