Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jesus Loves You Too

I just happened upon this sculpture while playing around online and it completely wowed me. Dutch artist, Frans Smeets, created this amazing sculpture of Bono dressed at Jesus. The best part happens to be the fact that Smeets embroidered the Nike symbol on his robe and remembered to include a nice, shiny pair of Armani sunglasses. At his feet lies a dying African child, gone unnoticed by Bono. The piece is called "Jesus Loves U 2".

Best. Art. Ever.

Art just is what it is. That's what it's for. And thank god we have it around for times like these. Smeets couldn't have said it better. Why do you suppose celebrities beg the common folk that make up the world to give money when they themselves live in the lap of luxury? Makes me sick. I read a statistic once that showed that it's the poorest people who give the most money to charity, and spend the most time volunteering for causes they haven't even been touched by personally. Why do you suppose that is? Empathy?

If it hasn't been done already (and I wouldn't be surprised if it did), I'm sure Bono would have jumped at the chance for a photo op with fucking Mother Theresa. After all, he IS holier than thou. Gotta love it. I have such a bad taste in my mouth for people like this. And yes, Oprah, I'm talking about you too. Did you know she once stated in an interview that she is God's personal assistant or some crap like that, and pointed out that some people will consider her a saint after she's gone? Gotta love fame!


Elisabeth said...

That is like....creepy as hell. It kind of looks like the bastard offspring of Ghandi and Bono. Ewww. O_O
I didn't think anything could make Bono any less appealing to me but this has succeeded, lolz. O_o

frans said...

thanks for the compliment