Friday, December 21, 2007

And so it begins


Today I made:

* A double batch of classic Chex Mix

* A double batch of hot and spicy (and boy is it hot and spicy) Chex Mix

* A triple batch of Aggression Cookies (by far the best oatmeal cookie you'll ever eat)

* A double batch of PMS Bars (for all you ladies and hormonal men out there)

* A triple batch of truffles

Tomorrow I will get up at the buttcrack of dawn and make:

* A triple batch of double chocolate chunk cookies (a la Ina)

* A double batch of jewel cookies (this recipe has been in my family for generations)

* A double batch of raspberry crumble bars

* A double batch of chocolate peppermint bars of doom (think chewy, almost fudge-like thin brownie with chunks of melty peppermint candy goodness strewn across the top)

No bread this year. And no rosemary cashews either.

I'm pooped. Boooooo.

P.S. Will someone please buy me this cake stand? Every girl needs a good cake stand in her life. Currently the number of cake stands in my possession equals a big fat zero.


Sarah/birchhandmade said...

kate, WHERE is that cake stand from? it is AMAZING!

Kate said...

It's from an Etsy shop called whitneysmith. (

It's lovely, isn't it? She has a bunch of different ones. I'm in love. I make cakes a lot and never have something pretty to put them on.