Thursday, December 20, 2007

I think I wet my pants

I just happened to check Eric Bachmann's website this morning with the hope of finding out that he has a new album coming out soon. What I found was even better. He's coming to The Egg in Albany and guess who just scored two second row tickets? I'm going to die. I've been hoping and wishing forever that he'd come to The Egg. The acoustics in that place are the best I've ever experienced and with such a quaint and personal atmosphere he'll fit in perfectly.

The woman at the box office thinks I'm a stalker.

I guess I am, in a way.

I've traveled all over the states just to see him play. Too many times, in fact, to remember the exact number. The excitement of him coming to my home town is just overwhelming. Tickets are currently only available to Egg members, so I signed up for a membership just so I could get first dibs on seats. They got me there. But I'm so glad they did. I was talking a mile a minute over the phone and the sales girl actually stopped and slowed her own speaking down in the hopes, I think, that I'd slow down too and maybe perhaps form complete sentences.
Merry Christmas indeed!

January 31st cannot come soon enough.

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