Monday, December 31, 2007

Get it all in now

Well, it looks like the brown floral wallpaper won! Thanks to everyone for your votes. You really helped me make up my mind! I'm putting the order in today, that is, if the company is open on New Year's Eve. I think this was the paper I secretly wanted to win all along, just because I gave up on the metallic when I saw the paint sample next to it. Oh well. I do have a hallway in my house that would look lovely in metallic paper. Hmmmmmm.

In addition to wallpaper, I've also purchased shelving from West Elm. I normally stay far, far away from West Elm, not because I don't like it, but much like Pier 1 Imports, I'm addicted to it. They were having a post-Christmas sale and I got a ton of shelving for a steal. I've also just purchased my shopping bags, tissue, gift wrap and bows for the shop. I'm having a hard time deciding on little boxes, so I think I'll hold off and order them a bit later. My logo is in the works (finally), and I got in touch with someone who is doing my window graphics. When I meet with the landlord to sign the lease, I have to discuss signage with them. There are so many rules, you know.

Anyway, enough shop talk. I think we all gained at least 10 pounds over the course of this past weekend. The holidays will do that to you, I know, but this was bad. Not only did Mike and I head out at the butt-crack of dawn on Saturday morning to indulge in Panera's delicious asiago cheese bagels with cream cheese, but we also had frozen caramel coffee drinks with our breakfast. We came home and decided to cook, as we usually do, and proceeded to make extra spicy Chex mix, ice cream floats, homemade fudge, homemade chili, and the biggest, most sinful ice cream pie you've ever seen. And yes, the photo you see above is of Mike actually drinking store-bought cake frosting.

Okay, picture a pie crust made entirely out of Rice Krispie Treats. Interesting, right? Next add a layer of homemade double chocolate fudge. Then fill in the rest of the pan with vanilla ice cream and top it off with either chocolate peanut butter sauce or strawberries, depending on your taste. It was fantastic. There's a lot of work involved with this recipe and we drooled the entire time.

Overall it was a decent weekend, and I'm looking forward to Dave and Kate's New Year's bash this evening. None of us are big New Year's people. We don't usually go out, not even with each other, and we don't usually celebrate. My parents sometimes have us over for dinner (Indian food is tradition in our family), but they're both sick this year so that plan went right out the window. Once, our group of friends got together at Randi and Keith's house and we were all out the door and in bed by 11:00. Lame. None of us got together for Christmas this year, so Dave and Kate decided on a party tonight to hang out and exchange gifts. Should be fun, and oddly I'm actually looking forward to getting out of the house and socializing for once.

Now before I end this post and head outside to shovel the 10 inches of snow that dumped on us overnight, I'd like to add one more thing...

If you're considering spending money on "I Am Legend", save your pennies.

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I think I gained 10 pounds just reading this post :)