Monday, December 3, 2007


The 2007 Eggleston Christmas Tree!

This is not the first time this tree was assembled this year...I should probably say that. The tree originally went up on Saturday morning. I put the thing together, put the lights, garland and ornaments on and plugged it in. I. Was. HORRIFIED.

This year I tried being the good little environmentally conscious consumer that I should be and bought $40 worth of LED Christmas lights. They draw way less power, last longer and are just better in general. I was proud of my purchase and couldn't wait to see how they looked on the tree. After plugging it in I'm sorry to say that I'd rather go with the old style. This thing was so bright it looked like we had a spotlight shining in the living room. It had this eerie blue glow to it that just hurt my eyes. Everyone tried telling me that I was being silly and it looked nice, but it looked so bad I couldn't take it.

So, down came the decorations and the garland and the lights were boxed back up. I made a trip to the store in the middle of a snowstorm and bought "pearl" lights (my newest favorite thing in the world). It only took me about an hour to redo all that work, but the tree has been reassembled and I'm finally at peace.

Am I a neurotic mess? Yes. But does my living room look better now? Absolutely.


Good Girls Studio said...

it looks so much more majestic than mine! I finally succumbed this year & let my son put his "ornaments" on the tree...good's like a craptastical craft corner threw up on my Frasier fir :) & yet still endearing in that "oh she must have kids" way :) ,the birdie ornaments by the way!

Kate said...

Yeah, I let my husband put his superhero ornaments on. They totally clash with the rest of what's on the tree, but hey, he lives here too. I'm sure your tree is wonderful. In fact, I'm gonna mosey on over to your blog to see if you posted pictures!

letitiah said...

It looks lovely! I'm sorry the LED lights didn't work out for you. They really need to work on that colour problem. No one wants a tree that looks like a biohazard! At least you tried!