Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bring me the axe!

Not to get ahead of myself here, but October's Troy Night Out just so happens to fall on Halloween this year. Fun! The folks who put TNO on every month have decided to go all out and make it a major deal. Roads closed for hayrides, haunted houses in the empty storefronts, trick or treating, costume contests, games, etc. Should be a blast. So I'm trying to decide on my costume. I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was a kid and I have no idea what this is going to cost me.
For years now I've been saying that I'd dress up as Baby Jane if I ever managed to score a life on Halloween. I've been planning this costume out for a while now, but now that I have the chance to bring it to life I think I'm changing my mind. Instead, I think I may be Mommie Dearest. What do you think?
Mommie Dearest is more recognizable and I may even be able to find a willing participant to play the role of Christina. Sandy joked around that we should dress Ben up as Christopher and strap him to the wine table in back while he's carding people (Ben has become our resident ID checker when wine is served at TNO now that the students are back in town). Still, though, Baby Jane holds a special place in my heart, mostly because Bette Davis scared the living shit out of me as a kid the first hundred or so times I watched that movie. I don't think many people would know who I am, though. As it is, most people I talk with have never even heard of the movie much less seen it.

So, what's your choice? Both costumes are easily done with little money and effort. It's all a matter of who you prefer.


Murray said...

Mommy Dearest!! Besides, it'll reinforce your position on motherhood... I mean being one, not YOUR mother, cause she ROCKS! You could tote around some wire hangers even! This could be a truly scary costume.

Kate said...

Yeah, I think you're right. As much as I love Baby Jane, I think Mommie Dearest is what I'm going with. How fun! I'm thinking of using the "Wire Hangers" scene as inspiration for my costume. Black silk robe, slippers, white headband, curly black wig and tons of pale blue clown makeup on my face. I'll carry around wire hangers and keep "Christina" close by. I have two people who said they may or may not volunteer. We shall see. More to come!

Murray said...

I love it! And since we're talking about Halloween... I've got a creepy idea for a decoration/garland... snake skins! My sister has a TON since she lives on a "farm" and I suggested she hang some in the rafters for a Halloween party as a garland type of decoration. For me, I'm going to use three of them to "braid" around a grapevine wreath and add a big black crow and who knows what else. I don't know if you could really do it at he shop, but I think it sounds neat. I'll let you know if I get around to it.

Speaking of Christina... my Mom has an old Patty Play Pal doll which is the size of a 2/3 year old girl. I love her, but everyone else who sees her is totally creeped out! You could always use a doll, maybe your Mom has one? or Ebay?

Fun, fun, fun! Wish I were closer, I'd TOTALLY be there!

Kate said...

The snake skin decoration sounds awesome! Can't wait to see it. Will you take pictures?

Before we bought our house we lived in an old run down farm house on 88 acres of land and we had snake skins in the basement that would blow your mind. I don't have a problem with snakes, but when you realize just how big the ones living in your house are just by stumbling upon their skins on the basement floor, well, it's humbling at the very least. Anyway, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

As far as the costume goes, I'll keep my eyes open. I think I'd rather dress Mike up, though, or Sandy. Either one of them will play along. Heh!

Good Girls Studio said...

Mommie dearest & there had better be some pics on here! Can't wait to see them!

Kate said...

Mommie Dearest it is!

Jaimee said...

Go for it!
(And take some pics for us)

Jes said...

Wow, somehow I have managed to never see either of those very frightening looking movies. Have to change that! Anyway, if you need help with your costume, let me know and I can maybe lend a hand whipping something up!