Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How's it hangin'?

So how was your holiday weekend? Up to anything fun?

We survived another Troy Night Out and this one was a big one! The shop was mobbed. Mike sold five of his photos that first night around and most of the people wandering around the gallery commented that they'd be back to purchase more. Very cool. I decided to sell the dip for $3 a tub, but only brought a few of each type with me because I wasn't sure how they'd sell and I was worried about being stuck with a ton of dip and no one to eat it (right, when pigs fly). Anyway, bringing a small amount was a huge mistake and I'll never be that stupid again. Every single container sold within the first hour I was open! Next time I'll make a ton more and hopefully they'll all go just as quickly. People can't seem to resist that damn onion dip.

I originally took this photo to show the knitting teacher here in the shop. I was planning to ask her if she could make a pair of socks (or hose, as they're apparently called) just like these for me. Instead, I found a "slightly used" pair for sale on one of the vendor's tables and snatched them up for a mere 10 smackers.
Ben was a total sweetheart and opened the shop for me on Saturday while I went to the Scottish Games...again. Love it. Sandy introduced me to the games last year and so I couldn't pass on the offer this time around. The weather held out even though the skies were threatening rain all day, but boy did I wind up with a nasty sunburn. Oh man. Anyway, the massed bands were rather disappointing and it was sad to see that most of the goods sold by the "Scottish" vendors were made in China. Isn't that just the way. Overall it was a good time and I'll definitely go again next year.

The rest of the weekend was full of family picnics, house cleaning, weeding the garden, and a teeeeeeny bit of relaxation. I need a vacation.


Murray said...

Yum, dip! If I were there I would have bought some too, and $3 sounds like a bargain.

Glad you enjoyed your weekend, aren't you happy it's September!?! 20 days till fall, I can hardly stand it.

Kate said...

Oh man, Murray...I was shocked at how quickly people snatched that dip up. I had a few people ask me about catering, too. Something to think about in case this whole retail thing ever fails me.

Murray said...

Wow, catering! I used to be able to do the whole hostess thingy, unfortunately I lost it after my son was born. Too much anxiety. Needless to say we are having pizza etc for his birthday in October. Now I stick to desserts, which was always my strong suit anyway. (Though I'm nothing compared to Jaimee)