Thursday, September 11, 2008

Keepin' busy

Little Lola has been terribly sick lately and I'm starting to worry that I caught what she had. Either that or I picked up someone else's germs over the past week or so. I have weird flu-like symptoms, but it comes and goes so who knows. I'm hoping that my immune system is fighting it off and only slightly inconveniencing me by sporadically feeling like poo. We shall see.

Anyway, instead of closing up shop for the day and retreating to my couch with jammies in tow, I'm trying to keep busy and stay occupied so as to keep my mind off of things. I've had a renewed interest in applique lately and so I've decided to try my hand at some onesies and little shirts for kids (up to a size 2T). I'm really enjoying this and each project moves so quickly it's hard to become bored with it. Here's what I've come up with:

the hummingbird is my favorite. I haven't stitched it down yet, but the stitches will be subtle.

the frog is also not stitched down yet, and I'm toying with the position of his eye. I used a french knot for his pupil.

the little strawberry was my first attempt. there are many things I don't like about it but everyone told me I should try to sell it anyway.

I've had dog fever since my mom took the little puppy home. the crooked stitch along the side of his face makes me mental.

Customers love the little bird, even with his crooked little feet

So what do you think? I like them, although we'll see if they sell. I'm interested in feedback of all sorts, so please send any comments or suggestions my way. Thanks! Oh, and I'm really sorry about the dark pictures. I can't figure out the lighting in this place to save me.


As I was typing this, the little blue dog onesie sold for $18. I'll take it!


Anonymous said...

these are great!!!!!

Kate said...

well thank you, sir!

Mare said...

Katie, the dog sold already!??? I told you so! Those crooked stitches look like scruffy fur to me! ;) My favorite is the duck! Where's the duck? Wait till you see the duck folks. I want the duck on a shirt for me! I think you have started on your next BIG seller! Tee shirts in long and short sleeves too!
PS- small birds have very skinny, crooked looking feet and toes.

Persimmons Gal said...

I love them all! I really like the bird.

Good Girls Studio said...

holy crap Kate you are soo talented! Love the birdy! Does that come in adult sizes ? :)

....feel better

Jaimee said...

They're adorable.
The doggie was my favorite, the birdies too...all of them!!!!

Kate said...

Wow, thanks guys! I really like them and I'm really enjoying the process of making them. You kids are the best!

littlebyRD said...

These are really really good! The birds are to die for! I hope you are feeling better.