Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vintage Bachmann

This is a little gifty-poo for Alex, my dear friend who has been on my mind tons as of late. I miss you, Sir. A huge part of me will always associate you with the Loaf when I'm listening. You really need to relocate to the east coast, although if I lived near those ice caves I wouldn't want to leave either.

That said, I cracked up as I was creeping around YouTube searching for Archers of Loaf stuff. The ton of live footage available there reminded me of seeing them live for the umpteen-millionth time, and standing behind the stage, staring at Bachmann in awe as he played guitar, lit cigarettes and chain smoked all at the same time. He was sweating profusely and somehow managed to shake that sweat off all over of the highlights of my life.

I'm kidding. Well, sort of.

My boyfriend at the time was disgusted, as I'm sure you all are now, but it's funny because so little has changed. The last few times I had the chance to chat with Bachmann he warned me that he was really sweaty and I didn't mind at all. Not one bit.

Anyway, sorry for getting all nostalgic on you, but I guess it's just one of those days.


BeanPickleSprout said...

Love it! The story, the song and video, and the mental image you gave me! Thanks :)

Kate said...

Aww, thanks, Amy! I figured I'd gross everyone out, but I'm glad you liked it.

Jes said...

I love Archers of Loaf! I've never gotten to see them ever. Call me when we're going to a show!

Kate said...

Oh man, Jes. They were amazing, weren't they? So incredible live. Unfortunately they broke up way too long ago and it doesn't look like there will be a reunion any time soon. Alex (the friend I wrote about in this post) and I live on opposite sides of this country and we have a deal set where we'll see them together in some random part of the country if/when they ever decide on a reunion tour. I'll keep you posted because you're welcome to come along!

shoshonasnow said...

Archers of Loaf! I love them. My husband's band covers "Web in front". The other guys in the band are all 22 years old and obsessed with early 90's indie rock...funny stuff.