Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the totally nonsensical, completely random post...

...because I have a ton of stuff bouncing around in my brain.

1) The next round of knitting classes starts up tomorrow night and this time we've added a Saturday beginner's course and a Stitch and Bitch. If you're interested in the class tomorrow evening, please get in touch with me as soon as you possibly can. We're close to reaching full capacity but we can probably squeeze in one or two more if needed. The Saturday class (12p-1:30p) is wide open and the Stitch and Bitch is open to the public from 2-3:30 and completely free. Linda, our knitting instructor will be on hand to answer questions or to solve your deepest, darkest knitting problems. Heh.

2) After giving it some thought, I've come to a decision about this whole CPSIA thing. I'm cutting the kids stuff. I hate to do it and it really rather upsets me but I don't know what else to do. Of course if people start paying the fees to have their product tested, I won't hesitate to bring it back, but I don't fault anyone for throwing in the towel. I took a look at the general costs of testing and it's absolutely absurd. The fines I'd face if I ever got caught selling things that were not approved would not only put me out of business, but I'd lose my house, too, and that's just not something I'm willing to chance. I'm in the process of contacting my consignment people and giving them the choice to either pull their things out in early February, or leave them and liquidate the merchandise. For those of you in this area, I'll have all of the things I bought on wholesale on clearance this coming Troy Night Out. I need to get it out. Ugh, it hurts me to even type that.

3) To make up for the lack of sales from our nasty economic slump and for the impending lack of sales from the removal of baby and children's items in the shop, I've decided to try something new. I took a bit of a shopping jaunt to Michael's tonight with my mom and we discussed jewelry making. She told me she'd teach me what she knows and I'm eager to learn. Making jewelry isn't something I've ever really been interested in, but I'm willing to give it a shot. I'm about to lose about 50% of my sales when the kid's stuff goes bye-bye, and my second biggest seller is jewelry, so why not? Sewing and fiber arts are still my passion, but I worry that I'm about thisclose to burning out on that. So, tomorrow I learn how to make earrings and then, well, we'll see where this new hobby takes me.

4) My dearest Alex got new glasses. Every man on the face of the planet should own these. 'Nuff said.

5) I still can't believe it, and I don't think it has truly hit me yet, but I cancelled my Sirius subscription. That means no more Howard Stern. No, I'm not smoking crack. No, I haven't totally lost my mind. I've been a loyal Stern fan for fifteen years and haven't missed a beat in that time. But since old Howard became a walking cliche by marrying a supermodel and scored a measly $500,000,000 contract, the show just isn't what it should be, and certainly not what it ever was before. It's one thing to slack off when you're dealing with a free, terrestrial radio scenario. But asking your listeners to shell out some serious cash just to listen to you whine about not wanting to be at work, and how working around your sixteen weeks of vacation a year and your four day work week is just too much for you (at 53 years of age) to handle, well, nevermind. I'm out. Howard officially became everything he hated about people.

6) Food Network magazine rocks my socks off. If you watch the channel at all, or just plain give a damn about cooking in general, do yourself a favor and shell out the $15 for a subscription. You'll thank yourself for it, I promise.

What's new with you crazy kids?


leah said...

hopefully the law will change and we can all get back to business. i am sorry to hear that you have to pull your kids' goods. i'm not sure what my move is. i am going to just wait and see, i guess.

i am hoping to make it to troy soon and i will definitely top in.

Kate said...

Oh Leah, I can't imagine a world where a parent couldn't go out and buy one of your octopus hats. This sucks.

Good Girls Studio said...

That totally sucks that you're going to have to pull your kids lines!

...can't wait to see what kind of jewelry competition you'll turn into :) heheehee..wish I was there to give you lessons!

Kate said...

Jo, I'm so bummed about the kids stuff, but what can I do, you know? It sucks.

I'm so hooked on this whole jewelry thing. I don't know why I wasn't interested in the past because it's SO MUCH FUN!!! And your lessons would be fantastic, I'm sure. If I ever remember to bring my camera to work, I'll take some pictures of what I'm working on and you can give me some pointers.

Banana-head Pancake said...

that's too bad about this whole children's toy fiasco...I understand both positions I think, but it is just so sad for independent artist/crafters/business owners.