Thursday, January 8, 2009

A long way down

Our good friends are coming to town on Saturday for a visit. I've known Randi since kindergarten and Keith since middle school. The two have been an item for quite some time now and we were all brokenhearted when they totally bailed on us and moved to Florida. Some of us had the chance to spend some quality time with them in October of 2007 when we went down to Orlando, but this time they're coming home! So excited! We all are.

So, things will be a bit on the quiet side of things on the old bloggeroonie over the next few days. I've been preparing for this visit for a while, and I still have a bit to do. There are fun times planned, but they require a bit of work. And it's alllllll worth it.

Dear friends, I know it's a day early, but I wish you a wonderful weekend. Don't have too much fun without me!

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