Thursday, January 15, 2009

The lady Lee

So, I was out shopping with my family last weekend and I came across a framed print that I absolutely fell in love with. The print was damaged and a bit out of my price range anyway, so I didn't buy it. Of course, I'm kicking myself for not buying it now. I took down the artist's name and looked it up when I got home. Kids, I'm in love.

Do you know of Doris Lee? She's an American folk painter and printmaker who just totally rocked my world. I didn't see it coming. She lived in Woodstock for a good chunk of her life and now I'm dying to get there (can you say road trip???) to see if I can find some of her work available for public viewing.

This is the painting I fell in love with last weekend:

And here are a few other examples I found online:
I may have to go back for that print after all.


littlebyrd said...

Hey Kate!
I think you just might need to! I love all of them.

Mare said...

Can you order her prints online?

PissAndVinegar said...

I like the picture of the helicopter flying over the farm. It reminds me of this dream I had about a talking armadillo who wanted me to teach him to drive. One thing led to another and we ended up wining the nobel piece prize for the applied stabilization of cold fusion.

come to think of it that picture looks nothing like my dream.

forget I said anything

Sarah said...

the guy to ask would be tom fletcher who owns the gallery above my store. he's had his gallery here for like 17 years so i'm sure he'd know about her if she lived here. or the woodstock guild, but for sure, if you're coming down, you know you have to let me know!