Monday, January 5, 2009


Okay, so I lied. No pictures today. No decent pictures, anyway. The table needed a lot more work than I anticipated and a lot more time, too. By the time I was done (about 45 minutes ago) reassembling the base and legs, and getting the faces of the drawers stained (they slide open from both sides of the table and I could only stain one side at a time, six hours apart) and the handles reattached, it was too dark to take pictures. Bummer. It looks great. Much different than before. And I'm happy.

Aside from that, I ran a buttload of errands and started the long and tedious process of changing my office and former studio/sewing room into a common art and media room for the two of us. Ben's been doing a lot of drawing lately and setting up a makeshift art station in various areas of the house just wasn't working. And, seeing as how most of my sewing stuff has been moved down to the shop, I really didn't use the space as much as I used to. So not only has Ben's drafting table and workstation been relocated into that room, but we've also moved the CDs, DVDs and video game stuffs in there too (freeing up a ton of room in the living room). I'm pleased, but I'm far from done. I'm trying to get all of these little projects done before our good friends make the long trek up from Florida and stay with us, but it's about time I finished everything anyway. I've been moving along through these home improvement projects little by little, but honestly I'd procrastinate forever if I could. I'm cracking the whip. I've made sure to follow through on this particular resolution. The others, well, not so much. Yet.

Anyway, this is all I have to show you for right now. See? Very dark. Running out of daylight sucks. The grain in this wood was so weird and this particular stain was both a blessing and a curse. It made the grain in the tabletop really pop, but on the sides it looks weird and dark in strange spots. Maybe I'm just too critical at this point.

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