Thursday, January 29, 2009


So, here's the Metroland article I mentioned yesterday. Great stuff! I'm so glad someone around here is finally talking about this whole mess. Thanks, Kate!!! Our local news did a small bit on the CPSIA, too. Could this be a light at the end of the tunnel? Word's gettin' out, yo!


kate said...

Glad to help my dear.
The link you used is going to disappear on Thursday. Here is a permalink to the archived version:
See you tonight!

City Mouse said...

So, I'm finally untangling all you Moon-and-Stars-and-Paper-Sparrow folks! LOL Best of luck tonight with the show. Wish I could make it - I've often wondered about the shop via Mare chatting about it, so it was wonderful to see pics. And by the way, good lookin' out on this legislation that would include handmade toys. Ugh.

Kate said...

Hi City Mouse!

The show was great and we had a sweet turnout! Both my mother and grandmother sold paintings, but I'll let my mom provide all the details.

Please stop by the shop sometime! We'd love to have you.