Thursday, February 11, 2010

7 things

My dearest darling Jo tagged me for one of those "7 Things About Me" deals, and I never want to disappoint her, so here goes...

1. Despite my rantings over the years about not being a girl, I'm currently in love with the whole blazer over layered tops/wool skirts/tights/boots (or clunky men's shoes) look and have been sporting it more than I care to admit these days. I still claim I'm not a girl, though. Meh.

2. While spending endless days at Albany Medical Center over the past two weeks, my mom gifted me with a lesson on how to make granny squares. The appropriate word to use here would "addicted" because I simply can't stop. A gigantic throw is well on its way to completion. It has to be big, though, as most throws are too small for my liking, and, well, with a 60 pound space hog of a dog on my hip at all times, more blanket is needed for coverage.

3. I crave a Boston Terrier like there's no tomorrow. A woman was walking a little Bostie pup down the street a few days ago and I was way too tempted to grab the leash and run with it, never looking back.

4. I sometimes fantasize about what my life would be like if I'd skipped art school completely and went to culinary school instead. I doubt I'd still like to cook as much as I do now (I hate when something you love to do for fun turns into "work"), so I probably made the right choice. Still, after seeing how people react to the food I prepare and serve on any given Troy Night Out, I'd love to take a crack at making some money that way.

5. When I was much younger, I had a minor accident (though it didn't seem very minor at the time) that involved me getting smacked in the face with an aluminum baseball bat at full force. My lower teeth went through the inner tissue in my cheek and I find myself tonguing the scar when I'm nervous or pondering something intense.

6. I'd give my left arm to be able to go back in time and see The Clash, The Ramones or The Pogues in their prime.

7. I'm a dirty smoker. Some of you know that about me already, but it's not something I talk about at all here. So that's that. I went through acupuncture treatments years ago and it cured me in the sense that I can smoke a pack of cigs in one sitting and not crave more for days or even weeks afterward. It's a good thing, I guess. A large group of friends are all planning to quit at the same time so I might just bite the bullet and join them. We shall see.

So there you have it. Hope I didn't bore you to tears with this nonsense. And Jo, I hope I didn't disappoint you with this list. I refuse to tag anyone else, but if you'd like to play along I'd love to learn about you!


Metalsgirl said...

Kate, I agree, I think we would be fantastic friends if we lived close by. And I would force you to teach me to make those granny squares that you just learned to make - I want to make a big afghan soooo bad!!! :)

And, as your new long distanse friend, quit smoking! :) You're too good for that!

Lemongrass Love said...

Ok Kate, this is TOO creepy. Seriously. I TOO GOT BASHED IN THE FACE WITH AN ALUMINUM BASEBALL BAT AT FULL SPEED AND HAD ALL OF MY GUMS SPLIT! I can't make this up, so true! I also just scored a HUGE painting of Boston Terrier's from Goodwill, there's like six on there! And #7, well I won't comment here other than to say that we perhaps you are my doppleganger.

Good Girls Studio said...

Dirty smoker :) I wish I could smoke & not crave them again (& not throw up either because that's what happens since I quit! ) I WANT A CIG right now :(

Love to love to love you! Show me your granny squares girl!

Sandra said...

Yay Blazers!!! Time for a coat... : ) There may be no snow but it's still pretty darn cold out there! Can't wait to see the lampshade you make! I'm might give this a go too!!!!

shoshonasnow said...

BOSTON TERRIER!!!! You NEED one! We are hoping to get another one in the spring or summer....Dudley needs a brother. Although you're gonna have to add on to that throw...they like hiding under blankets!!