Wednesday, February 24, 2010

everything is white

I'm not a fan of snow. Not anymore, anyway. But I will say that I love when the snow falls like this. Chunky, fluffy flakes that just keep dropping by the millions. The guy who walked by and commented while I was filming captured the moment..."it's pretty!". He's right, it certainly is pretty. But cleaning this crap up this morning was no small task. We have another storm on its way in, adding another 8 inches or so on top of the approximate 8 we've gotten already, so our work is not even close to being done. Oh spring, I'm ready for you.

I had a small accident this morning on my way in to work. Some guy driving a truck (with 4WD no less) rear-ended me. No damage done and we're both okay, but it made me wonder what the hell I was doing out today. I made my way into the shop, but I think I might close up early and head home. Lost is waiting for me there. Heh.


Metalsgirl said...

Oh, it is pretty! That is what ours looked like yesterday - but it's already in the 50's today so the snow is quickly going away. So you guys are getting MORE snow? Wow! We are supposed to head to NYC a week from Saturday - I wonder if there will be more snow them??? :)

Kate said...

Yeah, we've got quite the blizzard heading out way. Some weather people (you know they're all reporting completely different forecasts) are calling for 10-15 inches, so we shall see what we're dealing with a little later tonight.

Hope you have fun in the city!!! You'll only be three hours away from me!

Jaimee said...

Definitely pretty and definitely a pain in the arse! Our last two storms here in Philly left about 2 1/2 ft. and tonight we're expecting between 1-2 ft more. We REALLY should've asked for a snowblower for Christmas ~ ARGH!