Saturday, February 6, 2010

feeling it now

(Mexican Shell Flower)

The time of year for spring bulb and flower catalogs is upon us and I'm getting them in stacks by the day. So tempting!!! I'm fighting off the urge to buy some new little beauties for my garden beds. Instead, I really should just wait and see what comes back this year. I bought quite a few new perennials last year and I'm anxious to see what is strong enough to return. I find myself getting in and out of my car every day, staring impatiently at the bed at the end of our driveway wondering how my new peony bushes are dealing with this winter underground. I long to see them come back and flourish this summer. We shall see. Anyway, here's what I'm fantasizing about as I flip through the pages of the catalogs piled up on my desk...

Green Wizard Coneflower

Green Envy Coneflower

Lollipop Helenium

Double Triple Helenium

Raspberry Mousse Toad Lily (the only available kind that I DON'T have)


Elodie Lily

Black Currant Ice Columbine (Columbine is my biggest gardening's bad)


Razzmatazz Coneflower

Japanese Lantern (I've wanted these forever!)

Meadow Rue

Lilafee Epimedium

Lots of temptation. And to think this is just from one catalog! It's a tough thing, restraint. Now if only spring would come back. We're still a few months off, I know, but wishful thinking never killed anyone. I just want to dig my toes in the dirt.

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