Monday, February 22, 2010

a few things...

Random post...

* My culinary gland acted up and I spent a majority of the weekend in the kitchen. On the menu: dairy free ice cream for Kate (the baby is having a bit of trouble with dairy) and the most deadly, chocolaty peanut butter swirl brownies for the boys (and yes, you read that right...there is a pound of butter in those brownies). The ice cream turned out way better than I ever thought imaginable. I used this recipe and replaced the milk and cream with soy creamer. You can't imagine how delicious this was. The brownies, needless to say, were dreamy.

* I love sarcasm. I think I may love sarcasm more than I should. Therefore, sarcastic friends are where it's at (see photo below). Thanks, Dave and Kate.

* I've had this song stuck in my head for three days now.

* And after James told us about this documentary, we had to watch it. Ahh, yes, disturbing and fascinating, in that order. You MUST watch...I couldn't possibly explain how messed up this story is.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Lemongrass Love said...

King of Kong was such a fantastic surprise, absolutely loved it!

emily said...

songs:ohia = favorite.

Good Girls Studio said...

You had me at brownies :)

*I didn't know you spoke any other languages besides sarcasm ;) Isn't that why we get along!

Kate said...

Alison, wasn't it great?!?!? I expected some geeky documentary about people playing Donkey Kong and it turned out to be more of a Godfather type deal than anything else. Fascinating!

Emily, really??? We have to get together and chat sometime because I think we'd be great friends. So much in common!!!

Jo, I'll make you brownies someday. These are truly great and we can eat them over tea and a wonderfully sarcastic, yet deep and meaningful conversation.