Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh, Liam

So, I've been following Liam's work on Flickr for a while now. For those of you who aren't familiar, Liam is an amazing tattoo artist whose work I just adore. Unfortunately for those of us in the states, Liam works out of London, so making an appointment isn't as easy as just picking up the phone. BUT! Emily recently mentioned (and I can't stop thinking about it since reading her post) that Liam will be coming to New York (Brooklyn) for a short while and is taking appointments now for April and May. Oh man, how I'd love to work something out.

I whined to Kate today about this tremendous opportunity and she suggested that Liam might be the perfect person to design the Queen Anne's Lace tattoo on my calves that I've been wanting for ages now (Kate's heard about this tattoo far more than she probably should have...sorry Kate). I have something specific in mind: flowers on both calves with stems that start at my heels. I'd love to have one completely open flower on one calf and one closed bud next to a half-open flower on the other. I think Liam could definitely pull it off. His style is perfect for this! If only I had the money. Yeesh.

All tattoo photos in this post came from Liam's Flickr page. Check him out! And thanks to Emily for mentioning this in the first place because I never would have known.


emily said...

work something out! do it.

those birds are amazing too.

shoshonasnow said...

UGH!! Amazing work!! Just the kind of stuff I LOVE. I want more and more and more snowflakes all over but it's hard to find someone who will do thin enough lines to make teeny tiny ones as well as the more detailed ones....lots of artists don't seem to like geometric designs so much either.