Thursday, February 25, 2010

mantle fodder

I'm a bird junkie. Duh, right?

So, you can safely assume that when I saw this shop, the drooling ensued. I contacted Abby to make sure it was okay with her before I published this post (and to get permission to use her images), and you couldn't possibly imagine a sweeter, more kind person. Check out this seller, and support her if you can. She doesn't just sell birds, but fish, sheep and little dolls, too! Very cool. I imagine an entire flock of these birds on my living room mantle. Oh, the possibilities.


Christina said...

Very cute birdies! I may have to take a trip to visit The Paer Sparrow, looks like a place I would love to shop at!

Good Girls Studio said...

Holy tweetness bird brain! I {heart} it all!! shoot...why do you tempt me so!?!