Friday, March 7, 2008

Standing on the shoulders of giants

I took a bit of a break from the shop preparation mayhem yesterday and did some shopping with my mom. Sadly, her sewing machine bit the dust and she needed a new one. As much as I hate when sewing machines die, I don't necessarily think of it as a bad just means you get to buy a new one! I love new machines. Lately I find myself thinking the same way about my truck. I drive a 1997 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and as much as I adore the thing, I wish someone would steal it and drive it off a cliff or something. Wouldn't that be nice? Sorry, I'm drifting off here. Anyway, yes, sewing machines.

She wanted something simple and easy because she's still learning, so I talked her into going to Sears to look at the Kenmore models. I started on a Kenmore and I love everything about it, so I thought that was a good start for her, too. She loved all of the fancy little decorative stitches that the Singer machines offer, but I've heard dreadful things about Singer lately (no matter what Martha Stewart says) and even the sales guy talked her out of buying one. She went with a middle-of-the-road Kenmore that will last her a lifetime if she takes care of it. Those puppies work long and hard. Oh, and I think I left a trail of drool throughout the sewing department. Some of those new machines are amazing.

We have a new Barnes and Nobel store in the area, because, well, the old one apparently wasn't doing it for someone anymore or something. The new store has the most amazing craft book section and while I try my darnedest to support the little guy and stay away from the big chain stores, I made a bee line for that department anyway. Initially I wanted to go and check out the cooking section after reading this post. The book is fantastic and if I had the extra cash I would have snatched it up in a second. Instead, though, my money went toward these books:

My mom bought a few books on crochet too, and also grabbed this book:

which I quickly "borrowed" because I've been dying to get my hands on a pinafore pattern for children. So cute. Everything is so inspiring. I've already learned so many new stitches from the Happy Hooker book and now I feel confident with making something other than single crochet scarves. YAY!

How are all of you lovely folks doing lately? As I write this, I'm sitting here baffled at the mess surrounding me. I'm not a neat freak by any means (well, maybe a partial neat freak), but this is making me mental. Take a peek:

The room is small to begin with, but things are so crammed in it's hard to sit much less do something crafty and wonderful. This is all going down to the shop once I'm able to get in there (looks like next week!) and I can't wait to reclaim my studio. It sucks to have to move a mountain of boxes just to get to your sewing scissors, but it's exciting at the same time. I can't wait to get into the boxes and bags and display things on shelves and in jewelry cases. Everything is falling into place and I'm getting excited for my opening. For now, though, Miss Isabelle loves the mess just fine. Gives her a place to hide from the dog and bask in the sunlight.


letitiah said...

oh my gosh, i have the same birds! The same wall place picture thingies! I completely forgot that I even owned those. I bought them well over a year ago but too much city and country moving has meant I've never displayed them (not on any wall, ever!).

Oh man, i have to stop buying art so that I can just put up the things that I already own!

Pretty birds!

Good taste!

Kate said...

So cool. Aren't they awesome? I got them from my husband for my birthday last year. I hinted around about wanting them here on the blog and he must have been paying attention. The craft store nearby had a huge sale on frames last week, so, after sitting on my shelf for about a year, the birds came out and are now proudly displayed on my studio walls. I hope you get to put yours up soon!

315thomas said...

Looks like my studio :)

Good luck with the shop opening, I'm sure it will be amazing!!