Thursday, March 6, 2008


I'm so proud of him!

While I was rooting for Christian, I thought Jillian had the strongest collection. Opinions? Comments? Do you even know what I'm talking about?


Banana-head Pancake said...

haha - I kind of know what you are talking about! I saw the show a few times awhile back - is there anywhere to view the last collections?

Kate said...

Oh man, this show is so addictive. Aside from Dexter, this is the only other show I watch religiously. With both of their seasons over now, I'll have lots more time on my hands.

Try Bravo's website for the last collections. They should have them I really liked Jillians, mostly because I could see myself wearing some of it. Good stuff.

mike said...
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Anonymous said...

Jillian's collection was nice, but a little corporate, perhaps because she worked for Ralph Lauren for a while. It wasn't entirely the "high" fashion look that Rami and Christian achieved, particularly Christian. Rami does have a color problem sometimes...his collection was more coherent but a few pieces were a little uneven in terms of the palette.

I'm glad Christian won...that dude is a talent and a half. And he's so fierce.

Murray said...

I agree with Alex, I thought Jillian's reflected her association with Ralph Lauren a bit too much. It also lacked the cohesion that I thought Christian's and Rami's collections had. I was totally rooting for Christian, especially after he started to get nervous and all... is it possible to be sweet and fierce at the same time? Can't wait to see what he does now.