Sunday, March 2, 2008


I've gotten a few e-mails from people asking what's going on with the shop and figured I'd just update here.

The truth is, there's no change. I went down to have a chat with the current landlord and he told me that he's staying on for another five years to oversee the renovation project with the new owner. All of the current tenants in the building have made it clear that they don't want him to leave, so he's decided to stick around and make sure that everything is cool with the leases and whatnot. While this calls for a serious sigh of relief for myself and the others there, I'd be lying if I said that the landlord's health wasn't a concern of mine. He's an older man with several serious health problems, and I just hope he can stick out these five years with us.

So, that's that. While the sale of the building is still in the works (although, it will be some time before the actual sale goes through), our landlord, the *good* one, will stick around and make sure that everything runs smoothly. As far as the construction in the space goes, he promised me that I'd be in there and running for my target date, March 28th. The contractors are willing to paint for me, too, so that will save me a ton of time.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, kids. This may be a smooth ride, or a very bumpy one. Eek.

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