Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Ultimate In Ignorance

In the past, people have asked me what my biggest pet peeve is. After thinking about it for a while it finally dawned on me that ignorance is definitely it.

Now, I'm all for freedom of speech. I respect that everyone has an opinion and this particular opinion not only belongs to this woman but to millions of others around the world. It's her right to say it just as it's my right to disagree, or simply turn around and walk away, change the channel or turn the page.

What I find hard to believe, though, is the fact that what someone else does in their own life and in their own personal time has such an obvious horrible impact on someone else's life. Does it really hurt you THAT MUCH to know that someone else is, dare I say it? Oh, the horror! The opinions of people like the woman in this clip make my skin crawl, but I'm not about to call her a terrorist or compare her hate-filled lifestyle to that of an animal. I simply accept it, knowing full well that while it's a hurtful thing to say, it really doesn't matter. Those who accept and hopefully embrace who they really are shouldn't let those who spew hate speech into the world affect them. I hope they pity them just like I do. There's something hidden deep down inside of ignorant people, and that something turns them into who/what they are. I feel sorry for this woman and I hope that someday she can find peace in her life.

People need to learn one basic rule in life, and I think everything will be okay after that...MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! I learned it in kindergarten. This woman was apparently absent that day.

And now I'll step back down off my soapbox.

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