Friday, March 28, 2008

Everything is white!

I woke up this morning to find everything covered in a not-so-thin layer of white, fluffy snow! Temperatures have been in the high forties, and in some cases, the low fifties lately, so this was a surprise. My tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and even my forget-me-nots are/were peeking out of the ground, some much more prevalent than others. I planned to get up early this morning and clean out the garden beds and actually open my windows to blow the winter stink out of my house. Guess not today. Bummer. I knew this was bound to happen since it's snowed at this time of Spring every year in the past, but it's so disappointing to actually see it on the ground, and see it STILL falling from the sky. It'll melt fast, or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

So, to cheer me up today I've decided to do a giveaway. I've always wanted to but never did. Yes, this is my very first and definitely not my last. The winner will receive his/her choice of one of the above brand spankin' new tote bags for Spring. Leave a comment here and tell me some random quirky thing about know, something not too embarrassing, but something about you that makes other people laugh, or in some cases, makes people look at you like you have ten heads. I'll have Ben choose the winner on Sunday. Have fun with this one, folks. I know I will.


Murray said...

Alright, I've been thinking all day. Quirky... I hate the sound of children laughing. It sounds so creepy and sinister. We live up the street from an elementary school and I hate hearing them at recess during the spring. We were playing in the yard today and I thought I was going to go CRAZY listening to them. Now, I don't think that is quirky enough to win, so I have to tell you that I've never won anything. Correction, the only thing I ever won was an autographed picture of our congressman (Curt Weldon) shaking hands with President Reagan in 1984. Aren't I lucky? Saddest part is, I still have it, tucked away in my mother's attic because I can't throw anything away ever.

Kate said...

Murray, at this rate, you might be my only contestant!

Amanda said...

I thought about letting Murray be the only contestant... because the quirkiness of hating the sound of children's laughter, is just hysterical. But alas, I'm competitive, so here it goes.

Quirky Amanda. By Amanda T.
I grew up in Maine. I have relatives who sound like they have rocks in their mouths when they talk. My grandparents had the Maine accent that you read about... you know, "Pahk the cah in Havahd Yahd." Growing up, I hated that damn accent. I hated that tourists would always ask Mainers to say certain words so that they could laugh. So, as a result I tried, and succeeded (mostly)to keep myself as neutral as possible when it comes to my accent. I don't say things like "Wicked" or "Pissah" and goodness, I never use those two words together. But every once in a while, something will slip through. I live in New Jersey (another place with very strong accents) and my coworkers think it is HYSTERICAL that I don't have a Maine accent, so they're constantly trying to get me to say the stereotypical things they think I should say. They got their chance this week, when I told them that my laptop had shit the bed. The laptop, of course, did not actually shit in my bed... it stopped working (because I dropped it... which is an entirely different story all together). I have never heard a group of cackling women laugh harder in my entire life.

Long winded, yes. But totally worth it. If it counts for anything, I've never won anything either. But the laptop has since been fixed. :)

Sarah said...

Amanda, my husband lived in Maine for a couple of years and a group of his best friends all grew up there, so "shit the bed" is totally a term in our house and in fact, I used that exact term to refer to my own laptop about a week ago, so I feel ya!

As for my own quirks...
I don't know that I have many, I will say that as a functioning business owner and mother of 2, i have an office and car that should be condemned by the health department. My sister, also a business owner cannot understand how i function in that kind of environment (in fact, I"m working hard to break myself of my clutterbug ways).
Also, on the linguistic front, I am absolutely appalled by mispronunciation of words such as supposedly (supposably? you know people who say that, i know you do). in fact it bothers me so so much that when i pointed out the mispronunciation to my husband, he is now plagued b hearing it whenever its misspoken.
Axe for ask is another one that grates in my ears like frayed wire being pulled through them.

OK, that's all I got :0)

Amanda said...

Get your husband a copy of "Dude, Don't Be Such a Dink!" by Comedian Bob Marley. You'll laugh for days. I promise.

Jaimee said...

Alirghty, Murray has sent me your way...Although I'm not sure it's my quirkiness that has people looking at me like I have ten heads, I like to think it is!

I have had MANY strange happenings that leave people in stitches...most of them being based on the strange magnetic pull I must have on mentally challenged people. Please do NOT get me wrong, I LOVE all people and I think that is what draws some close (sometimes a little too close).

I have had at LEAST three encounters (my husband insists there are tons more but these three stand out the most) As an Arts & Crafts Counselor during my college summers, a wonderful boy named Nicky apparently developed a crush on me. After walking the class to lunch, I was returning to my cabin (it was a boyscout camp) when all of a sudden Nicky comes running full speed down-hill yelling "marry me" "marry me" -mind you, Nicky is a 6ft, 200lb. "boy"...with his brother not far behind also yelling "DON'T RUN FROM HIM, HE MIGHT HURT YOU BY ACCIDENT!" I stood petrified and was soon swooped up in his arms being bearhugged. It took two people to get him to let me go. No hard feelings though and Camp continued (Nicky then having two chaperones at all times :)

Okay, this is a tad long...I'll make the next two short.

While at the Super Market in the dairy aisle, I came across a young boy (probably 15 yrs. old) and his sister. She was reprimanding him and telling him he was NOT to touch the eggs. As I went to get some eggs for myself, he grabbed me by the ponytail and attempted to hold me hostage until his sister gave him some eggs. Once he got what he wanted I was set free with much appologies.

Next, while riding a packed Disney bus trying to get back to our resort, I was lucky enough to sit next to another young man and his father. The young man was as sweet as could be telling me about all the rides he had been on and I listened with a smile. Until I noticed his hand was on my thigh. His father had to keep moving his hand away but none the less, it wound up back on my thigh. It became somewhat of a little game but again as they came to their stop, the father apologized profusely.

There you have it...not sure if THAT's quirky or just darn weird.


Banana-head Pancake said...

The first and only thing I can think of is this:

I have to close my eyes when I brush my teeth. I have no idea why, it's like an instinct, it just happens naturally. And if I want to keep my eyes open I have to really think about it...REALLY think about it continuously or the next thing I know, they're closed.

Everyone does this, right?

Kimberly Monaco said...

Sarah... I have the same exact problem!! I swear, people talk differently around me because they're afraid I'll correct their grammar... but AXE and SUPPOSEBLY are two of my absolute biggest irritants! Also.. LIBARY and ANYWAYS....

Good Girls Studio said...

How did I miss this giveaway goodness?? Is it too late???

hmm...quirky, I have an extra collar bone , is that weird enough for you? or maybe the fact that I slightly stick out my tongue whenever I'm concentrating (pretty!)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!