Monday, September 24, 2007

Babies and Zombies, but not baby zombies

Whew! This weekend was crazy! With yesterday marking the first day of autumn I spent a lot of time outdoors. I'm so happy that it's officially here and now that the trees are changing colors and pumpkins are popping up all over the place I feel so content and at peace. It's truly the only time of year when I feel like a normal human being.

We had company over for a good portion of the weekend, but that's nothing new. I actually don't consider Mike and Gary to be "company" anymore, because they could move in and I wouldn't care. I'm past the point where I have to scrub the house from floor to ceiling before they come over, so basically I'm comfortable having them there. The rest of you, though, it's a guarantee that I'm on my hands and knees with a dry Swiffer and a vacuum up until about five minutes before you arrive. Where the hell did I pick up that trait?

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I learned how to crochet while waiting for Lola to arrive. Yeah, I'm a total yarn whore now. I thought I was bad with fabric before now. Yarn? Even worse. Thanks. I've visited AC Moore about a dozen times since Wednesday just to get some practice yarns until I'm used to doing my thing, and now I'm browsing (read: drooling) around on Etsy for some nice but pricey hand spun chunky/textured skeins. If you look to the right at my Etsy favorites, you'll notice that yarn has taken over. It's bad. Even with my "company" over all weekend I sat around and made scarves, and now that it's pretty much a given that I'll be selling yarn in my shop, I'm fantasizing about putting a couch and a few armchairs in the center of the store so people can come in and knit or crochet. You never might encourage people to buy yarn there, and shop for other things at the same time. It's worth a shot.

So, the highlight of my weekend happened yesterday. James, one of the most talented people I know was asked by the band Skinless to make a music video for them. Skinless is a death metal band that went from being a local draw to a worldwide success. I'm not a death metal fan by any means, but I know some of the members and it's really cool to go from watching them practice in someone's basement to seeing pictures of them traveling all over the world. Besides, how can you not love a band with song titles like "Tampon Lollipops" and "Tug of War Intestines"? Heh.

Anyway, Skinless basically hired James to make a music video for them and Jim gladly accepted. They decided to shoot the video in Oakwood Cemetery, one of the oldest and supposedly most haunted cemeteries in the area. James has been working on this for a while now but wanted to get some decent action shots.

He managed to rope in Ben, Sam, Gary, Derrick and his friend Doug to play the zombies and Mike was the priest who went around and killed the zombies in the cemetery. I went along just to watch but wound up being asked to help with makeup and costume.

Dave was in charge of the makeup concept but before long I was gluing Rice Krispies and other various crushed flake cereals onto people's faces to give them lots of nasty texture. I also helped with the overall makeup application too, and Dave fine tuned everything.

The gates are closed and locked at Oakwood at 4:30 every day and the prep work literally took ALL DAY, so we had a half hour to get the cars (and everyone/everything) in, and then get the cars back out before they closed the place up.

After 4:30 when all the cars were out we walked back in and they filmed the rest of the video. It was so cool to be able to watch it happen. I'm glad I went, even though I was pooped out by the end of the day. I think overall it'll be a cool video and I can't wait to see what Jim does with it once it's time to edit. Neat. There are more pictures in my Flickr account. Click the link in the right column of this page.

So that's about it. I'm back in hell today and I'm counting down the minutes until I can get out of here and hang with Lola. She's my little bean, you know.

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