Thursday, September 6, 2007

***Breaking News***

I was just informed by our head union guy that the company has announced the official statistics for the upcoming buyout package. I couldn't care less about the other titles, but they're looking to get rid of 4 people with my title in this area. I snooped around and found an updated copy of the seniority list and realized that I have the NUMBER ONE SLOT! This is fantastic news.

Guys, seriously, I need everyone to keep their fingers, toes, legs, arms...whatever...crossed for me because I really need this to work out. This would be the best thing to happen to me in ages. I'm on cloud nine but I'm trying to keep my cool because I could easily walk away penniless from this whole deal. But if things are meant to be, and it's starting to look better and better, I'll leave this dump with enough money to keep us afloat until it's time to open my business. That means NO WORK from the beginning of October until January. Now that's one hell of a vacation. If the plan fails, and it's happened before, I'll just get a crappy job for those few months...I'd much rather have all that time to get my ducks in a row for the shop, though.

Please send all sorts of positive thinking my way or pray for me if you' re the type to do so. I can use all the luck I can get!!!

Now, if only I can keep my head from exploding.

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