Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fork 'em over!

I want these (from here) more than anything right about now:
Each card is 8" x 10" and would look so adorable framed and hanging in my office. I need money.
Seriously, Magic Cabin is an awesome company to check out. I love the simple toys and gifts for kids. I was searching around the catalog they sent me looking for gifts for Lola and Seth and I was surprised at how many things I found for myself! I may have to start ordering my wool felt from here, too! And, with all the controversy these days surrounding toys made in China, it's refreshing to know you can get safe gifts for the little ones from this company. Lurve.


TwinMommy said...

I LOVE these cards! My mom is a big fan of birds and these would be great in her craft room! Thanks for showing them off!

Persimmons Gal said...

Love that company too! We have a growth chart from them.