Friday, September 28, 2007


Seeing as how today marked the official day the company was supposed to inform us whether or not we were granted or denied the buyout package, my stupid ass marched in here expecting answers. And, of course, I had to go searching for them. My boss is out today, and my boss's boss is out today, along with the only guy at the union hall who was in charge of the buyout process. I had to get aggressive. After a lot of dead-end stops, I finally called the head honcho at the union hall (even though I swore I'd never talk to him again) to find out what the deal was.

Get this...

Because they didn't get the number of volunteers they were hoping for, those of us who have been waiting for answers have to suffer another three days because they've extended the timeline to Monday night. WTF? Why the hell wouldn't they tell those of us who were on time with the decision making and all the paperwork nonsense that we got it, and then wait for a few others to jump on board? Makes no sense to me, but then again, this is a perfect example of how things go around here, and therefore a perfect example of why I need to get the hell out of here.

The good news? Aside from my bid, there was only one other administrative person in the entire 518 area code who elected to take the offer so my chances are very, very good right about now. I'm trying not to get all worked up about it because you never know what could happen over the course of the next three days, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

In other news, I was invited to participate in another jewelry party in November and I'm thinking about doing it. Last time I was there with two jewelry people and I was the only person selling handbags. I made a pretty decent amount of money, too, so it's tempting. At the same time, though, I've been making bags for months now and stocking up so when I open the doors of my shop I'll have some stuff that I, myself made. Then again, if I get this buyout I'll have months to make more bags, so what harm is there really? Should I do it???

Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sold on The Little Sparrow for my shop name. For a while there I contemplated calling it Honey after my grandmother, but The Little Sparrow keeps on coming back. One of the managers in my office told me this morning that when her daughter was born she was really, really small and they called her Little Sparrow. Seemed like a neat little cosmic hint, so I think I'm going with it. Besides, I've had this long time fascination with Edith Piaf and this is kind of like a small homage to her. I still like Little Birds a lot, too, but The Little Sparrow just rolls off the tongue nicely and I think it will suit the shop well.
Now if only I can get my mother to get going on the logo.

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