Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lola, born at 6:42pm, 7lbs 8oz and 19 1/2 inches long

I should start off by saying that Carly's due date was the 18th. She visited her doctor that same day to see how things were moving and her doctor told her to wait another week or so because there was little to no uterine action and therefore no chance of going into labor any time soon.


Ben came flying into the bedroom at around 4:30 yesterday morning to wake me up and let me know that Carly had called. I got up, made the phone calls I was supposed to and hopped in the shower. Sandy came to pick me up and we were in Carly's room by 6:40. She had already dilated to 4 centimeters by the time she arrived at the hospital and was having fast and regular contractions. The nurses were impressed by how quickly things were moving along so they told her she'd definitely have Lola by the afternoon. Of course, 4 centimeters turned into 5 and then jumped up to 7 where they sat for several hours.

Carly was told up until the day before she went to the hospital that she could have as many people in the delivery room as she was comfortable with, so we were all excited to be there. But, very recently someone changed the policy at Albany Med making it impossible for more than three people to accompany the mother in the room. We worked in shifts all day yesterday waiting around for the action to start happening.

She made a quick jump from 7cm to 10 and she started pushing at about 6:00 last night. I managed to sneak into the room with my dad and they allowed us to stay there until the top of the baby's head and her nose came out. After we were asked to leave, we sat outside the door in the hallway listening for Lola's cry. Ultimately, Carly pushed for about 2 hours before Lola was finally born and I'm impressed and proud that she was incredibly strong through the whole labor. She didn't make a sound and actually cracked jokes in between pushes. She's a tough cookie, let me tell you.

There were some complications with Lola for a few minutes after she came out. She wasn't breathing on her own and the nurses thought they'd have to bring her to the ICU, but once they cleared her throat and lungs everything was fine. She's the most adorable little peanut and we all had the chance to come into the room and hold her.

After experiencing this whole, uh, experience, I'd just like to say that if you live in the Capital District and you're pregnant or planning to be, go to Albany Medical Center. The nurses and doctors there were absolutely incredible. Carly had a nurse assigned to her from 7am to 7pm and this woman sat with her the entire day. Any time she needed anything, she got it. The nurses were so helpful and friendly, and the doctors who worked with Carly the entire day were amazing. The place was clean, the rooms were huge and they made sure that everyone's needs were met. Wonderful.

I'm off from work for the rest of the week, and I plan to stalk Carly and the baby today and tomorrow (and of course, for the rest of the baby's life). I spoke with Carly this morning and she sounded great. She was up most of the night with the feedings every two hours, but she feels good. I'm just waiting for 9:00 to roll around so I can get moving.

Stay tuned...lots more pictures to come, I'm sure.

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Elisabeth said...

I think I have said this before, but damn is that a pretty baby!! She reminds me of D at that age. :)
When I was pregnant I was expecting the baby to be born really ugly looking, with gunk and goo all over her face and stuff. I had no romantic notions of being presented with a perfect little cherub while laying in my hospital bed. But D surprised the shit out of me...she was perfect and beautiful-looking, with absolutely no gunk or goo. She never cried like they always show in movies. She just came out and looked around and stretched her long legs out. And when the nurse took her to examine her right after she was born, she was pulling on the nurse's rubber gloves! ^^;
Anyway, my point is that Lola is the only other baby I've ever seen that looks so perfect right after birth, and while all of this may have come out sounding strangely, I mean that as a high compliment.
Cheers to the newest member of your family, and to your sister for making it through the horror that is pregnancy and birth with such grace. ^_^v